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At Key Fit Club™, we offer the most educated, experienced and cohesive team of trainers you are bound to find anywhere! Our expert trainers will make the most of your time To provide the most effective methods for weight loss, strength training, cardiovascular health, and nutrition to ensure you meet your fitness goals. If it’s losing twenty pounds, finishing that next race, or keeping up with the kids.

Let us provide you with a plan that will keep you motivated and maintained, without the mundane. Personal training is our passion and assisting you to achieve your fitness goals is what we do best.

Take some time to view each of our trainer’s bios and decide which trainer would best fit your needs.

Menna Blumears


  • Associates Degree in Fitness and Nutrition – PCDI, Georgia
  • Associates Degree in English – Cambridge University
  • Track and Field Certification – USATF
  • Track and Field Safety Certification – USATF
  • Personal Training Certification – A.C.E
  • Group Fitness Certification – R.V.S.H, Zimbabwe, Africa
  • Group Spin Certification – R.V.S.H, Zimbabwe, Africa

PHILOSOPHY & TRAINING EXPERIENCE My passion is to uplift people. It is an amazing feeling when you can be a solution to someone’s problem. We all run into trouble, whether it is needing help with weight loss, a health condition, or simply need to be more active. Let me guide you on how to put your effort to the most efficient use. Working with youth is one of my favorite responsibilities at Key Fit. They feed me with tons of energy that I channel into helping them grow as athletes, as well as better people. In my youth, I lacked confidence in myself and I am thankful for all the coaches that helped me become the woman I am today. For me, it is important to empower children by instilling in them confidence and courage so that they can meet their goals, be them athletic goals or health goals.

FAVORITES Spending time with my family, coaching track, running, Spartan racing, reading and writing. What I love about KeyFit is the people, both staff and members. We are all in the gym making positive changes.

Kimberly Galbraith


  • Center for Degree Studies-Scranton, PA
  • B.S. Business Administration & Marketing
  • California University of Pennsylvania
  • M.S. Exercise Science & Science of Rehabilitation
  • Internal Sport Science Association ISSA
  • Specialist Exercise Therapy, SFN, CPT, Elite Trainer
  • NY Strength Academy, NY
  • Master Trainer, Master of Fitness Design

PHILOSOPHY & TRAINING EXPERIENCE My approach is simple, yet scientific. I focus on helping you set achievable goals that will return you to the balanced, maintainable lifestyle of health and fitness you deserve.

SPECIALTIES Specializing in the needs of Medical conditions, Post Rehab Orthopedic Exercise and Therapy, Senior Fitness, General Fitness and Nutrition, Weight Loss and Weight Management, Martial Arts-Soo Bahk Do and Self Defense.

FAVORITES Teaching and training Martial Arts with my husband, nature, hiking, biking, landscaping and gardening are things I enjoy. Lifting free-weights and training Soo Bahk Do and Jiu-Jitsu are my favorite forms of exercise. My favorite thing about working at Key Fit Club is the people! From guests to our staff, we have such great people. Our environment is always relaxed and welcoming.

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