Other Businesses you can find at Key Fit Club

Edmond Gymnastics Academy

The kids don’t walk. They bounce, run, swing, roll or hop. And so do the instructors! Everybody just waits to spring into action, pushing to the limits of what they can do. EGA is built on a philosophy of high challenge, high support, and expectations of excellence. Edmond Gymnastics offers a full schedule of recreational classes for the student who is wanting to be active, have a lot of fun and learn some basic skills. The class offerings and times vary somewhat by semester and you can enroll at any time.

Call 405-285-5244 or visit http://www.edmondgymnastics.com for more information!

Oklahoma Martial Arts Academy

OMA offers classes in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gi and NoGi, Kickboxing, Boxing, MMA, Weapons Training,  and Self Defense. Classes are designed to fit all levels of experience from the beginner to the more advanced. OMA offers classes for the entire family ages 3 and older! OMA is proud to have Black Belt Level Instruction by Professor Seth Norman.  Professor Norman is undefeated in competition at the Black Belt level and was recently inducted into the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame as a Distinguished Jiu-Jitsu Instructor.  

For more information call 405-816-7242 or visit http://www.s4oma.com 

Oklahoma Swim Academy

Oklahoma Swim Academy is local and family owned, dedicated to teaching all ages a love for safe swimming!  Our instructors build relationships with our students that create an atmosphere of trust to promote learning.  We specialize in one-on-one, private swim lessons that balance pushing each student toward their goals while having fun.  We intentionally leave time after each swim lesson to speak with you about what we are working on and how we are progressing.   We recognize every developmental stage is different and tailor our goals individually; from survival swimming to stroke development, we build safe swimmers!

Call 405-509-5415 or visit http://www.oklahomaswim.com for more information!